Life is like one big… “you must not think like that because I think like this” mantra. Expecting people to think like you do is (wow, karma has its ways to put that back to me huh?) just excruciatingly painful to digest especially if one of them is your friend.

I have no idea why it’s so hard to make people understand that their ways are not justifiably like the ways other people do. (Again, shoutout to karma, you hit me)

So I just concluded, when people think the way that they do, let them be.

No matter how much I wanted to make you understand what I wanted to say, you just went right on telling me what should be thought of.

And p.s.?

Remember you are a professional. Telling your problems to your students seem like not a good way? Oh wait. We have different ways of thinking so I am not so sure if you agree on me about the professional part? Yeah.


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