I Hear You

It was one rainy Thursday evening,

When I got home from work as early unlike before.

You were there waiting for me, as you always are.

I called you and I was greeted by your cute just – woke up hello

I smiled to myself and breathed in the sound of your voice.

I said hello and I heard you sigh with great relief.

You asked how my day was in that cute bedroom voice,

and I answered with a smile as I recall my whole day.

I told you to go back to sleep cos it’s still early for you,

but you disagreed and insisted that you stay with me.

I smiled and kept quiet for a while as I listen to you

Then after a couple of minutes, I can hear you in my ears

Breathing as you gradually fell back to sleep and sweet dreams.

I laughed silently and fell back to my pillow

Making myself comfortable as I slowly drifted to sleep with you next to me.



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