Love and My Love

Love, as what I believed, is always about feelings and fairytale.

Love, as what I hoped, is always unconditional and not frail.

But it is with you that I learned love in its many ways,

That love is simply not a feeling nor a fairytale come true.

Love is a decision that could withstand time, distance and place,

Culture, beliefs, priorities, dreams and difference between green and blue.

How lucky I am to have met the most lovable and wonderful person that you are,

To experience what it’s like to have complete trust and faith to a person who is from afar.

Love, my dear, has only a few letters but you alone gave them countless meanings.

You made everything seems so bright and right in my life,

Made me realize how capable I am to love this much right from the beginning.

So when someone asks me what love is, I’ll smile, look at you

and say, “love is embodied by the person who’s always at my side.”


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